Announcing DIWALI KIDS’ ART CONTEST 2018 winners

Congratulations to all who entered Indian Link's Diwali Kids Art Contest 2018


Eight-year-old Yash Mandowara of Epping NSW has won this year’s Indian Link Diwali Kids Art Contest in the 8-12 years category. Adwita Guru of Strathfield NSW, 7, has taken the prize in the 7 years and below category. Gauri Tripathi 9, of Bull Creek WA, and Maneet Brar, 7, of Gosnells WA took the runners-up prize in their categories.

Congratulations to all who entered Indian Link’s Diwali Kids Art Contest this year: we’ve had a record 134 submissions from all across Australia.

What a fantastic effort by our little ones – such beautiful mandalas! Winners Yash and Adwita win book vouchers valued at $75 each. Runners-up Gauri and Maneet win book vouchers valued at $50 each. Yash’s design will feature on our official Diwali card for 2018.

His  work impressed in two significant ways – its immaculate workmanship, and its careful colour selection. Both aspects together gave his design an authentic mandala feel, in its pleasing as well as soothing qualities. Yash created the design with sparkling pens. He followed his mum’s advice of practising first, and then making a final version.

Mum Roopa, of course, is an artist herself. The shy eight-year-old says with characteristic simplicity, “My mum is very creative, so I am creative too.”

Roopa Mandowara works with found objects and recycled material. Her passion for environmental awareness and for upcycling saw her work in garbage segregation at Bangalore India before she arrived here two years ago. The same interests have passed on to little Yash, whose latest project, currently ongoing, is a handmade photo frame. He’s using the large cardboard box in which a birthday gift was encased, a toy gun. The gun is put away, but much fun is being had with the container!

“Yash has highly advanced fine motor skills,” Roopa says. “All his work is meticulous, and his handwriting is neat. He’s been doing all kinds of craft with me ever since he was little, including stitching. Lately he has taken to helping me in the kitchen – he can chop up veggies, and can knead the dough for rotis.”

Sounds like the complete package.

CATEGORY 1:   8 to 12 years



Runner-up: GAURI TRIPATHI, Bull Creek WA

CATEGORY 2:    7 years and below

Winner: ADWITA GURU, Strathfield NSW


Runner-up: MANEET BRAR, Gosnells WA


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