Guru Purnima celebrated at Shirdi Sai Temple


Thousands of devotees from all over Victoria visited the Shirdi Sai Temple on the occasion of Guru Purnima on July 25. The temple was open up to 8pm, for abhishek, havan, arti, bhajans, baba darshan and mahaprasad.

The Hon. Brian Tee, Parliamentary Secretary for Public Transport visited Sai Temple in the evening and was welcomed by Mr Pradeep Rupanagudi, President of the temple committee and Mr Manoj Kumar, a community leader. Mr Tee attended the celebrations as Victorian Premier Hon. John Brumby’s representative and this initiative by the Premier is indicative of his respect and commitment to multicultural values and the community.

Mr Tee was introduced to devotees and the organising committee members of the temple before reading a message from the Premier. In his speech, Mr. Brian Tee expressed his deep respect for Sai Baba as great Guru and asked the devotees to follow the path and teachings of Sai Baba to maintain peace and harmony. He thanked them and the temple’s committee for giving him an opportunity to celebrate Guru Purnima. The temple committee then honoured Mr Tee with the temple priest undertaking the worship followed by Baba’s arti. In his speech Mr Manoj Kumar thanked the Hon. Premier of Victoria and Hon. Brian Tee for their keen interest in the Guru Purnima festival.

At the end of the ceremony Mr Tee was offered mahaprasad by Mr Rupanagudi  and was invited to visit the temple again. Shirdi Sai Temple is located at 32 Halley Ave, Camberwell and devotees from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds visit in large numbers to get the blessings of Sai Baba. 

Manoj Kumar