How to make herbal Holi colours


Have you ever wanted to make your own Holi colours?

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Credit: Herbal Gulal Powder

Stock your kitchen with beetroot, henna and flowers to make chemical free Holi colours.

Ishika Taneja, Executive Director of Bharti Taneja’s ALPS Group, shares some tips to make herbal colours that you can play with during Holi:

Orange: Soak henna leaves in water overnight and use the water to play Holi in the morning.

Magenta: Boil a few pieces of beetroot in a cup of water to create dark magenta coloured water. 

Yellow: You can soak red flowers in water to get Holi water having a yellow-ish tint.

Green: If you wish to play with green colours, mix spinach with water.

Blue: To get this colour, you need to use the blueberry juice.

Dry colours on mind? Take rice flour, add proportionate food colour and mix it with two teaspoons of water to make a thick paste. Leave it to dry and then blend it in a mixer to use it as a powder colour. 

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