Vic elections 2018: Some Indian links

PREETI JABBAL talks to a few Indian-origin candidates in the upcoming state elelctions

Mirrors and angles

Flashes of brilliance at Kaleidoscope, a community theatre group workshop

A carer’s story

Swati Lele of Padstow NSW wins a NSW Carers Award

(Very) Special assembly

ADITI SADAKALE, a Year 12 student at Parramatta’s Macarthur Girls High School, on her recent brush with royalty

Talking politics with Rita Panahi

A recent Q&A session saw firebrand columnist Rita Panahi talking about politics and burning issues around the world

It’s Majestic Brindavan, right here at Regents Park

The students of Gopa Kuteeram explore the life and teachings of Krishna

Dragons and elephants

We thought we will get a handle on the subject by exploring some books that look at both China and India, and use the words ‘Dragon’ and ‘Elephant’

It’s time to stand up, not stand by

Many abusers display narcissistic tendencies and seeking approval from peers is paramount. Passive bystanders provide this very thing by condoning their behaviour and allowing it to continue

My favourite Ganesha

Indians in Australia talk to us about their 'favourite' Ganesh on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi

An eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

Made with terracotta pottery clay, the idols dissolve in water upon immersion and do not pollute the environment.