eToilets: Transforming sanitation via technology

eToilets are the future of latrines writes AKANKI SHARMA

ISRO makes history

ISRO launches 104 satellites into space in single mission, India hails world record

Indian PSLV rocket lifts off with 104 satellites

Indian rocket Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle lifted off successfully on 15 February with a record 104 satellites

Peacock feathers inspire new variety of non-polluting fabric dyes

A team of Chinese scientists have developed environmentally-friendly dyes to colour voile textiles

Share you voted

Facebook launches tools to encourage voting in India

Stem cell treatment could be a proven therapy for diabetes, autism

New research and clinic trials suggest stem cell transplants could be the way of the future, writes CHIRAYU PADHIAR

Manish Malhotra launches virtual reality fashion show

Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra launches his Lakme Fashion Week show on a VR platform in Abu Dhabi

Telstra hosts global launch of Pixel, phone by Google

Australia becomes the first country in the world to launch the brand new Pixel and Pixel XL

Collective thinking on India

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are forming new partnerships with India to maximise outcomes and opportunities. AVI CHANDIOK reports

Prostate cancer breakthrough

A husband and wife research team discover that protein found in milk can help successfully treat prostate cancer. SUDARSHAN ARVIND reports