Party animals

A new mobile app, Tipsy Koala will tell you where the party’s at, writes AVI CHANDIOK

Beautiful, honest or organic-fed: Pick your goat online this Bakr Eid

Online shopping is not just for clothes, shoes and gizmos, writes MUHAMMAD ZULQARNAIN ZULFI

Indian tech industry does not take away US jobs

New report shows Indian tech industry contributed nearly 411,000 jobs to the US economy so far this year. ARUN KUMAR reports

Mangalyaan sends back stunning 3D images of Mars

India's Mars Orbiter Mission, Mangalyaan, has sent home stunning three-dimensional images of the Red Planet

Indian-origin scientist discovers wake-sleep mechanism

Indian-American circadian rhythms expert discovers how an animal's biological clock wakes it up in the morning and puts it to sleep at night

Google CEO Pichai symbolises new India

The Indian IT industry is upbeat over the appointment of Sundararajan Pichai as Google CEO, writes FAKIR BALAJI

Indian-origin student develops water-resistant socks

A 23-year-old student in the US creates water-resistant socks for everyday use

Introducing the Roti-matic

India-born female engineer's automatic roti maker receives $11.5 million investment from venture firms

India emerging as top choice for joint replacement surgery

India is becoming a top destination for joint replacement surgery and healing technology due to the expertise of doctors and the low-cost involved in the procedure

Yoga on the go

KIRA SPUCYS-TAHAR checks out five of the best yoga apps for Android and iOS, so now you have no excuses not to practice!