Google Glass.Indian Link

Google Glass to aid autistic kids read facial expressions

Children with autism were able to improve their social skills by using a smartphone app paired with Google Glass -- an eye-wearable device -- to help them understand the emotions conveyed in people's facial...

Nano labs of the future

Tiny tech packs a big punch, writes USHA RAMANUJAM ARVIND

The alternative, viable path: TAFE

For some, the practical, hands-on experience could be the best way to learn, says VINAYA RAI

Leading Aust railway research institute to work with Indian Railways

DHANYA SAMUEL talks with Ravi Ravitharan, Director of Monash University’s Institute of Railway Technology

A 21st century politician

Social media savvy seems to come naturally to PM Modi, writes KIRA SPUCYS-TAHAR

Mangalyaan sends back stunning 3D images of Mars

India's Mars Orbiter Mission, Mangalyaan, has sent home stunning three-dimensional images of the Red Planet
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Scientists develop sun shield to prevent coral bleaching

The team has proven that this film can reduce sunlight by up to 30 per cent without causing any damage to corals.

Nice try officer, but I have “Whatsapp”

Helpline launched on smartphone app to report corrupt policemen, writes RAJNISH SINGH

Yapping saves lives

Parliament House applauds a special app that helps to self-detect the early stages of breast cancer, writes RITAM MITRA

Introducing the Roti-matic

India-born female engineer's automatic roti maker receives $11.5 million investment from venture firms