Indian creates ‘smart socks’ that treat pain

The smart socks, called SoPhy, are ‘wearable technology’ that relay to the physiotherapist information about subtle differences in patient’s movements, such as shifts in weight distribution. BY SHAKTI SINGH

In with innovation

Increased funding to STEM disciplines might encourage more Indian students and professionals to test their talent in Australia, writes CARL BUHARIWALA

Google CEO Pichai symbolises new India

The Indian IT industry is upbeat over the appointment of Sundararajan Pichai as Google CEO, writes FAKIR BALAJI

Tech savvy new government in India

Social media is becoming the vehicle of information dissemination of the new Indian government, writes ANJALI OJHA
Sun Shield.Indian Link

Scientists develop sun shield to prevent coral bleaching

The team has proven that this film can reduce sunlight by up to 30 per cent without causing any damage to corals.

Managing diabetes naturally

The remedy to this disease may have been growing in front of us the whole time, writes PREETI JABBAL

Start-Up innovates affordable fix for website crashes

Websites going bust under excessive loads might soon be a thing of the past, thanks to an innovative technology, writes SHUDIP TALUKDAR

Frustration-free Foogi

A long bus trip in South America results in a ground-breaking new app that will simplify external meeting requests, reports RITAM MITRA

Why I chose robotics

You’d be surprised to know how much of our daily life is touched by mechatronics, writes NIKITA KULKARNI
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Facebook honours Manipuri youth for spotting WhatsApp bug

Facebook has honoured a 22-year-old engineer from Manipur for detecting a bug on the instant messaging platform WhatsApp. The social networking giant awarded Zonel Sougaijam $5000 (roughly about Rs. 3.4 lakh) for the discovery and...