Stem cell treatment could be a proven therapy for diabetes, autism

New research and clinic trials suggest stem cell transplants could be the way of the future, writes CHIRAYU PADHIAR

Collective thinking on India

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are forming new partnerships with India to maximise outcomes and opportunities. AVI CHANDIOK reports

In with innovation

Increased funding to STEM disciplines might encourage more Indian students and professionals to test their talent in Australia, writes CARL BUHARIWALA

Turning pollution into art

A new art project is beautifying city streets with ink made from air pollution

Nano labs of the future

Tiny tech packs a big punch, writes USHA RAMANUJAM ARVIND

The next gen in mobile phones

Jacob John has had a rewarding career in systems design, development and testing, writes Usha Ramanujam Arvind

Doctor in the house

Using online technology, new service Dr Sicknote allows you to stay home and still see the GP. JYOTI SHANKAR reports

Indian creates ‘smart socks’ that treat pain

The smart socks, called SoPhy, are ‘wearable technology’ that relay to the physiotherapist information about subtle differences in patient’s movements, such as shifts in weight distribution. BY SHAKTI SINGH

Start-Up innovates affordable fix for website crashes

Websites going bust under excessive loads might soon be a thing of the past, thanks to an innovative technology, writes SHUDIP TALUKDAR

Kenny and the Chromosomes

When University of Sydney PhD candidate Kenny Sabir isn't composing music he is deconstructing chromosomes.