Peacock feathers inspire new variety of non-polluting fabric dyes

A team of Chinese scientists have developed environmentally-friendly dyes to colour voile textiles

Start-Up innovates affordable fix for website crashes

Websites going bust under excessive loads might soon be a thing of the past, thanks to an innovative technology, writes SHUDIP TALUKDAR
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Facebook honours Manipuri youth for spotting WhatsApp bug

Facebook has honoured a 22-year-old engineer from Manipur for detecting a bug on the instant messaging platform WhatsApp. The social networking giant awarded Zonel Sougaijam $5000 (roughly about Rs. 3.4 lakh) for the discovery and...

Google CEO Pichai symbolises new India

The Indian IT industry is upbeat over the appointment of Sundararajan Pichai as Google CEO, writes FAKIR BALAJI

Finding God near you

A Melbourne-based engineer develops an app that lists Hindu temples in fifty different countries, writes USHA R. ARVIND

Secrets of an online bodyguard

In the wake of Stay Smart Online Week, Beenu Arora shares his passion for information security, writes RITAM MITRA

India makes its way to Mars

An Indian spacecraft will enter Mars today for scientific exploration of the red planet

Collective thinking on India

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are forming new partnerships with India to maximise outcomes and opportunities. AVI CHANDIOK reports

Leading Aust railway research institute to work with Indian Railways

DHANYA SAMUEL talks with Ravi Ravitharan, Director of Monash University’s Institute of Railway Technology

Indian PSLV rocket lifts off with 104 satellites

Indian rocket Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle lifted off successfully on 15 February with a record 104 satellites