It’s birthday time

India’s 71st Independence Day calls for celebration as well as contemplation. PAWAN LUTHRA writes.

What women want

The film ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ gets applause for its frank portrayal of female sexuality. APARNA ANANTHUNI writes.

Why I’m voting yes for marriage equality

SHARIKA JEYAKUMAR writes on why she will be voting YES for marriage equality.

Citizen action or vigilantism?

Unite against misrepresentation or insensitive portrayals in the media but pick your battles. PAWAN LUTHRA writes.
Confluence.Indian Link

Confluence, or a trickle?

With its limited reach and menu, the Festival of India in Australia runs the risk of not engaging with mainstream Australians. PAWAN LUTHRA writes.

The Las Vegas massacre: a sense of déjà vu

Why the US is condemned to the perennial repetition of its increasingly horrific past. RITAM MITRA writes.

Of light, as well as darkness, this Diwali

Seeking a more enlightened world as Hindus across the world prepare for the Festival of Lights. RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA writes

Give us opportunity and watch us soar

What we can do to empower girls on International Day of the Girl . SHAFEEN MUSTAQ writes.

Let the sun rise, not power bills

Investing in rooftop solar PV systems makes financial and environmental sense. JYOTI SHANKAR writes.

Two Presidents and a PM

Of three world leaders closely watched by the Indian diaspora, only one seems to have a vision. Shame the other two with strong people’s democracies are missing out, writes PAWAN LUTHRA