Citizen-activist stirs India against vigilantes

The #NotInMyName protests, inspired by Delhi-based filmmaker Saba Dewan, prompted even Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to term the attacks as 'unacceptable' Pehlu Khan was lynched by a group of “cow vigilantes” in early April. The tragic...

India’s Goods and Services Tax: A First Step Towards Major Economic Growth?

The Indian government appears to be moving towards increasing the country’s revenue generation through automation, writes LINDSAY HUGHES  A special midnight session on 1 July that was held in the central hall of Parliament and attended by...

Australia’s health care system is fine…

… until you get sick. The public health system will do just enough to keep you alive; it won’t improve your quality of life, writes SUKRIT SABHLOK

As US backs away, India on the forefront to fight climate change

India has ramped up its efforts to be a global leader in renewable energy. PAWAN LUTHRA WRITES.

Making sense of nasty people

VIDUSHI TRIVEDI on what Roald Dahl’s baddies teach us about life

Corruption, sand mafias and water security in India

The mining of sand by criminal gangs in India is doing irreparable damage to the country’s water resources, writes Future Directions International’s BENJAMIN WALSH

Cunning life-hacks to help you survive these difficult days

NURY VITTACHI has some great samples of pure ingenuity from across the globe

Three years of Modi government

PAWAN LUTHRA on why it’s an A rather than an A+ on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s report card

Precious moments

For families that have seen discord between mothers and adult children, the upcoming Mother’s Day may be the perfect opportunity to make amends, writes SAROJA SRINIVASAN

You know what’s cool again in India? Caste!

The growth of the internet is helping some Indians validate their caste prejudices, writes KRISHNA NEELAMRAJU