Preschools urged to offer Hindi language learning in 2018

Applications are now open for participation in the ELLA program which engages pre-schoolers with languages other than English through a series of fun, play-based apps.

Goa in our hearts

The ghumot is alive and well and living in Oz!

When reality becomes fiction, and fiction becomes reality

Dissecting patriarchal structures through fiction: Meena Kandasamy. DIPANJALI RAO writes.
Melbourne.Indian Link

What’s On in Melbourne

Here are some of the events that are happening in Melbourne's Indian community this month

How the Indian community in Oz handled the infamous lamb ad

The community came together to protest the portrayal of Ganesha, but took the dismissal of complaints in its stride, writes HARSHAD PANDHARIPANDE.

Melbourne to name metro stations after Game of Thrones-inspired names

The series' author George R.R. Martin said he was "flattered" with the move.

Kids, get colouring this Diwali with Indian Link’s art contest

  CALLING ALL KIDS 12 YEARS AND UNDER Use this design as a template to colour in or paint. If you need to, photocopy it. THERE ARE TWO CATEGORIES FOR CONTESTANTS  7 YEARS AND BELOW  8-12 YEARS The...

Krishna, the ‘divine prankster’

Don’t touch my body in the road, Shyam. Lover, let me go fetch water. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law will hear of this; why do you frighten my heart? One thing is that you have taken my company; the other...
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Breaking out of the mould

We are all, without doubt, guilty of fantasising about what our life could have been like. We often pretend to appreciate our present state of affairs when we instead wish that things were different....

Ode to women

The theme of this year’s Federation of Indian Music and Dance Victoria’s Independence Day concert was Prakriti, The Creatrix: Celebrating Women’s Empowerment. The concert included more than one first, with the most significant being the...