Anant Kaur.IndianLink

Anant Kaur Sandhu, AM: Paying it forward with food

For significant service to the restaurant and catering industry in South Australia, and to the community through support for charitable organisations. Writes PREETI JABBAL

Muay thai fighter

A teenage passion becomes a way of life for Rav Sidhu
Dr Jaya.Indian Link

50 years as a GP: Adelaide’s sari-clad Indian doctor

Adelaide’s Dr Jayalakshmi Gopalakrishna shows no sign of slowing down, RAJNI MADAN writes
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Year 12: Lessons about myself

The last year of school is the toughest, and it makes you tough too, say finishers
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Conquering the Alps

The Tour du Mont Blanc trek is as spectacular as it is challenging
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FICSA organises third annual Children’s Day

Kids enjoy fancy dress, painting competition, magic show, dancing, singing and more
Rishikesh.Indian Link

Memories from a yoga retreat in Rishikesh

It all became so beautiful and calming and enlightening, remembers SILVANA ZERELLA
Apoorva Madan.Indian Link

Protecting animal rights

We need more animal welfare laws, argues advocate Apoorva Madan

The dangers of citizen journalism

A community video that went viral this week shows why we must be vary of what comes through our social media news feed

Body, mind and soul

These events promoted ancient wisdom and the natural way of living and they received encouraging response. VANI SHUKLA writes.