Diwali scenes across Sydney: CIA’s Little India Diwali

A quick look at the Diwali celebrations across Sydney this year.

Woodworks, art and music at Bungendore

Heritage buildings and specialty shops make up the attractions at the historic town of Bungendore

Aching for Nepal

Leading a group of students to Nepal - a year after its devastating earthquake - is a teaching experience of a completely different sort, writes ASHA CHAND

Diwali scenes across Sydney: Deepavali Milan

A quick look at the Diwali celebrations across Sydney this year.

Vic elections 2018: Some Indian links

PREETI JABBAL talks to a few Indian-origin candidates in the upcoming state elelctions

Why being a number – not a name – is necessary

Assessment is at its most effective when students are unidentifiable, writes MOHAN DHALL

Nipah virus contained in Kerala

It’s the third time the Nipah virus has reared its ugly head in India. In 2001 and 2007, it touched West Bengal. This time round, in Kerala, it has claimed 11 lives so far.

Silver streak for Deakin in India

Deakin University completes 25 years in India

Indian Link’s Person of the Year

He has won the admiration of the local Indian community like few other Indian government officers in his position

AFL: Ind v Pak

India and Pakistan take each other on in the Dosti (Friendship) Cup on 11 Aug, as part of AFL’s International Cup. Rajni Anand Luthra and Harshad Pandharipande write. Will the sub-continent come to a standstill in...