Age is just a number

A recent fashion show for the elderly challenged the norm that beauty is just the prerogative of youth, writes CATHERINE BARETT

An AHA moment

The Association of Haryanvis in Australia (AHA) was officially launched in the Parliament House of NSW,

‘Australia is heaven for us bankers’

In conversation with Raj Kiran Rai, CEO and MD of the Union Bank of India

It’s Majestic Brindavan, right here at Regents Park

The students of Gopa Kuteeram explore the life and teachings of Krishna

Thinkers and Link-ers

25 years on, our writers have created for us a canvas that's as full of colours as it is of substance.

Three Indian films at the AACTAs

Newton, Sanju and Gali Guleiyan are among the nine Asian films nominated in the Best Asian Film category at this year’s AACTA awards

Into our 25th year

To our readers and listeners and followers, we are deeply in your debt for your trust in Indian Link.

Film review: Andhadhun

For most of its length, Andhadhun functions so efficiently that we put the cause and its effects on hold and go with the action.

UNSW’s annual Gandhi tribute takes on special colours this year

Hymns, enactment of the Salt March and a digital display of Gandhi's silhouette were some of the ways the uni celebrated the occasion

The Mahatma like we’ve never seen him before

The Makwanas present a collection of rare photographs from Gandhi’s life, digitally restored and coloured.