Why India cannot follow new WHO guidelines to protect mothers

India must double antenatal visits by health workers to pregnant women to reduce the risk of stillbirths and pregnancy complications, according to a new World Health Organisation (WHO) guideline released last year, writes DEVANIK SAHA

Why Indians are more likely to develop diabetes

Sydney-based researcher Anandwardhan Hardikar on why Indians are at higher risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases

Patriotism knows no borders

GP and skin cancer specialist Dr. Navtej Sandhu adds a new and exciting dimension to his career by Saroni Roy

Ayurvedic living: Modern diseases, ancient cures

Experts at Ayurveda workshop give tips to keep lifestyle ailments away. TARINI PURI reports.

Thank you!

Australians pay tribute to organ and tissue donors and their families, wries KIRA SPUCYS-TAHAR

Healthy Diwali gift ideas

Another year has gone by and festival season is back again! Here are some alternative presents to the usual sweets, writes GEETA KHURANA

108 salutes

YOGACHARINI KOMAL leads this year’s Adelaide Yogathon

Revealed: Here’s why you tend to be less alert during afternoon

The findings showed that activation of a reward-processing brain region peaks in the morning and evening and dips at 2 p.m. Do you find yourself grumpy and less alert in the afternoon hours as opposed...
Donate Life.IndianLink

DonateLife Week: Giving the gift of life

Did you know that one organ donor has the ability to save the lives of up to 10 people and improve the lives of many others? A few of those who made the extraordinary decision...

Ageless in Club 94

Government initiatives are now targeting the increasing number of SA’s Indian seniors, writes AVI CHANDIOK