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Ask Auntyji: Packing on the pounds and fending off felines

Meow! Dear Auntyji I have found love for the second time at 45. My new man is just perfect in every way - he is devoted and loving and well-read and quite affectionate, in every sense...

Ask Auntyji: Why does Kareena’s son Taimur have blue eyes?

Now we all know that Saif and Soha and Kunal and Kereena all have brown eyes. How come their babies are blue eyed? Biology classes taught me that brown eyes are recessive - so how come all these generationally brown eyed people are having blue eyed babies?

Am I a mummy’s boy?

I have now found a girl I really like, but she called me a mummy's boy because I still live at home...
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Trouble in paradise

AuntyJi's advice: "Happy wife, happy life!"
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