My high school life

The zoo, the athletics carnival… and a bit of soldering. ANANYA WAKHARE writes.

Making sense of nasty people

VIDUSHI TRIVEDI on what Roald Dahl’s baddies teach us about life

My high school life

One minute NAPLAN test, next an Opera House show: it’s all in a day’s work in Year 7, writes ANANYA WAKHARE

Encouraging kids to take creative risks

APARNA ANANTHUNI brings you Taksh Patel, a 10-year-old writer who edited Early Harvest in 2016, a children’s literary journal

My high school life

Both inside and outside the classroom, Term 1 of Year 7 is full of ‘firsts’ writes ANANYA WAKHARE

Pitch perfect

Vansh Bhatia has been selected to represent Sydney North at the NSWPSSA State Championships. FARZANA AHMAD reports

Dialogue with nature

A unique artistic concept combines environmental sustainability with kids’ creativity, writes EMIE ROY

Diwali quiz

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Diwali quiz

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Diwali Card competition 2016

Indian Link received many wonderful entries for this year's Diwali Card competition