A toast to India

Premier Daniel Andrews praised the Indian community for its focus on family, hard work, faith and looking after those that are less fortunate

Perth celebrates Independence Day

The felicitation of community members is a highlight at the Consulate celebration this year

Tim Cahill, Man of Steel

Tim Cahill, signed up by Jamshedpur FC, Cahill, takes to India his rich footballing experience, having scored 168 goals in 694 club appearances in his career.

India needs to rethink its currency management

The economy is a fickle beast. Exactly a year ago, the rupee, having experienced a prolonged appreciating spree, had reached as high as 63.5 to a dollar. At the time, quite a few commentators...

Proxy voting: Fair or faulty?

Proxy voting suffers from the inherent problem of ‘trust deficiency’, and violates the principles of ‘secrecy of voting’ and ‘free and fair elections’.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee: a poet and a politician

Vajpayee the poet, Alvi recalled, was not very different from Vajpayee the politician. He talked about the ordinary man and his daily struggle, but he talked about politics in his poems too

#WeShallOvercome: Kerala’s resilient spirit shines through

An unprecedented development was the emergence of social media platforms as the biggest monitors during the catastrophe.

Vajpayee: A man of moderation who raised India’s global stature

He was a man of moderation in a fraternity of jingoistic nationalists; a peace visionary in a region riven by religious animosity; and a man who believed in India's destiny and was ready to fight for it.

Karunanidhi: A colossus in Dravidian politics

He remained the President of the DMK for nearly 50 years, a rare feat in any democratic country. He always sported dark glasses, which became his trademark identity, and in later years a yellow stole, which critics said was against the atheism he preached.
Jennifer Milford.Indian Link

The daily unexpected

There are an estimated 450,000 people of Indian ancestry in Australia. Some 163,000 Indians migrated to Australia in the last five years alone. But Australians living and working in India are still a rare...