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Keeping the community safe

Victoria Police’s diversity drive sees Indian-origin officers increase in numbers They are young, capable, and ready to serve the community. And now they have the knowledge and skill to back them up. Meet Vardhan Arora, Rupinder...

Vanhi, now and then

A family were crushed when leukaemia took their 2-year-old daughter, Vanhi. A tribute to little Vanhi, by her older sister VIDHI KAUSHIK, 5 Vanhi! You are a life time gift. You are the best sister ever. I will...

Saving Kamathipura’s daughters

How an NGO is trying to break the cycle of prostitution in Mumbai’s red light district Kamathipura is a name synonymous with the workers forming Asia’s second largest, and Mumbai’s oldest, red light district. In 1992,...

A Life Lost, and Gained

A family were crushed when leukaemia took their 2-year-old daughter. But somehow, she found a way to come back Vanhi was just three months old when she was diagnosed with leukaemia, and passed away shortly...

The leaders of tomorrow

An internship at Harvard University offers a unique perspective into what identity can mean in a globalised world Where are you from? Australia. No, where are you really from? Australia! I have been asked this question many times in...

Just a girl

To mark International Women’s Day, RAJASREE VARIYAR explores the changing place of women in rural Indian society

Mixed Doubles

Intercultural marriages not only help break down social barriers but also promote understanding and acceptance, write RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA and SALONI KOBER

Time to remember

On the centenary of the start of World War I, SHAMPA BHATTACHARYA BRUWELEIT looks at the contribution of undivided India to the war

Vietnam’s historic Hindu kingdom

Ancient ruins in the My Son Sanctuary speak of a grand Hindu heritage, writes VISHMA MISTRY

Practical steps to letting go

Making a decision to moving on is a great way to heal the traumas of the past, writes FARZANA SHAKIR