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Say hello to life at Uni

Top tips for new students by RADHIKA BHATIA

Improving educational assessment

NAPLAN is an excellent, though basic, beginning, writes MOHAN DHALL

Excursions and camps

Students in an unfamiliar, yet safe environment can learn powerful lessons about themselves, writes MOHAN DHALL

Diwali at school

Celebrate India launches a new essay competition for primary school students, reports RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA

Education evolution

As Sydney tutoring firm Talent 100 opens its flagship Learning Centre, it’s clear a paradigm shift is taking place in the world of teaching and learning, writes KIRA SPUCYS-TAHAR

Cause and effect thinking: a new skill to teach and learn

A lesson that applies to all students - and parents and all adults - is that of understanding the link between cause and effect. Teaching children the link between action or inaction and the result that follows,...

Getting involved in your child’s school

Parent participation, especially in primary school, helps a child fit in better. It increases your child’s confidence because they feel their peers and teachers understand them and their culture better, and also accept and respect it.
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My child is in a combined class

There are several positives for learning in multi-age classrooms, writes VINAYA RAI.

Mixed messages

Different sectors are shifting the blame for Australia’s falling international rankings, losing sight of the varying needs of students. MOHAN DHALL reports

The human cost of migration

Three studies by WA Professor Jaya Dantas explore key issues related to refugee as well as skilled migrants. UMA NAIR reports