Mastery at memorising

The very concept and definition of memory function is changing with a smarter, tech-savvy generation, reports RADHA RAVI

Ask and you may receive

Within the school environment, a teacher should be accountable for the progress and improvement of a child, writes MOHAN DHALL

Be yourself

By encouraging students to understand themselves, they can better define their goals and personality, suggests MOHAN DHALL

Very competently earned

2018 school leavers share their stories, WRITES MANAN LUTHRA.

Singing to his own tune

HSC 2018: Music student Kiran Gupta tops the state in Music 1.

Mala Aunty’s Hindi school completes glorious 30 years

Our Indian Link Radio host Raghu spoke with Mala Mehta of the Indo-Australian Bal Bharathi Vidyalaya Hindi School (IABBV) which just completed 30 years.

Ready, set, school!

Holidays are fun, but with a new school year right around the corner now it’s time to get organised!

Anti-bullying activist wins Oz Day honour

Teaching others to give back to society earns a Sydney teen the Young Citizen of the Year award. DEEKSHA CHOPRA reports.

Being the best you

The leap from school to uni forces you to re-evaluate your learning habits, writes SONDARYA KRISHNAN
teacher feedback.Indian Link

Hit and run

Don’t accept a teacher’s feedback that identifies your child’s problem but doesn’t offer a solution, writes MOHAN DHALL.