Finishing strong

School holidays: MOHAN DHALL suggests finding a balance between self-absorption and (shock horror!) routine activities

Malayalam school

Plumpton’s Balakairali caters to the language learning needs of children in Sydney’s Keralite community, EMIE ROY reports
School Term 3.Indian Link

My high school life

It’s true, time flies. I can’t believe that Year 8 is just around the corner! Like any other term in Year 7, Term 3 is fully packed with lots of work and activities. Since...

S P Jain among the world’s top 100 Business Schools

S P Jain continues to inspire and shape the minds of future leaders, writes HANSEN MENEZES

Why we need more Indian history at school

USHA RAMANUJAM ARVIND investigates the place of India in the proposed changes to the NSW History syllabus

Bollywood 101

QUT students travel to Mumbai to get a feel for the world’s most prolific film industry, writes RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA

More Indian links at Deakin

A new partnership is announced between Deakin University and Cyient. ROYSTON REBELLO reports

Market reforms and education

Will the new reforms proposed by the Coalition make a perceptible difference to student performance? By MOHAN DHALL

AISG talks community issues with Victoria Premier

The roundtable event held at Victoria’s Parliament House provided the Premier insights from members of the Indian community on subjects varying from filming to aged care to employment.

All are gifts, but not all are gifted

Why we must accept that giftedness is a rare trait. MOHAN DHALL writes