Uni students fundraise for Pulwama

UQISC sets a noble agenda for 2019, WRITES RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA.

I’m a big kid now!

Kindy kids tell us about their first day at school

Taking the e-nitiative

With eVidyaloka, NISHTHA SHARMA is helping to educate children in rural India through Skype

Hindu kids more likely to believe ‘Indian equals Hindu’

Acc. to research from University of California, Berkeley, Hindu children are more likely than their Muslim peers to connect their faith to national identity
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Starting Uni? Read this!

Top tips from those who've been there and done that
Akshay Venkatesh.IndianLink

Indian Australian math prodigy wins international award

Often thought of as the Nobel Prize for mathematicians, the Fields Medal is awarded to two to four researchers worldwide under 40 years old to recognise outstanding mathematical achievement for existing work and for the promise of future achievement.

IIT Kharagpur welcomes Australian students with scholarships

In a significant boost to its ongoing academic exchange programmes with Australian institutions, IIT Kharagpur has instituted competitive high-value scholarships for students from the University of Melbourne enrolled under the Dual Doctoral...
top ranked Indian students of HSC 2019

HSC 2019: Looking back at the last year of school

Students share their insights into surviving the HSC year Amey Uppal Castle Hill High School ATAR: 96.35

My High School Life

After surviving Term One of Year 7, the holidays are a chance to refresh and work on some fun projects, writes ANANYA WAKHARE

Silver streak for Deakin in India

Deakin University completes 25 years in India