Indian-origin boy with IQ higher than Einstein wins UK Child Genius show

Rahul has an IQ of 162 – thought to be higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, The Daily Mail quoted. A 12-year-old Indian-origin boy from north London has won the Child Genius show broadcast...

Light in the dark

Enactus is a global non-profit organisation which uses entrepreneurial action to empower individuals to improve their livelihoods. Through implementing various sustainable projects, namely, PeerLink, and the Women’s Creative Hub, Enactus Macquarie University has been...
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Tougher citizenship test? Don’t worry!

Sydney PTE Institute has recently launched a training programme to equip aspirants about all aspects of the new test Becoming an Australian citizen isn’t a cakewalk anymore. The tougher English language test, which demands university-level...

Brisbane break

Warmth and sun make the school holidays fun, writes ANANYA WAKHARE I cannot believe it’s already the start of Term 3!! Honestly, looking back, half the year has actually finished and wow, just wow! Since last...

There are some things we do not need to know

Sometimes, the pursuit of more knowledge becomes simply a process of acquisition. MOHAN DHALL writes In education, we generally marvel at knowing and achieving, as though these are twins symbols of “success”. However, an important question...
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Linguistically speaking

Language teachers from across the Indian community brainstorm ideas to seek larger mainstream presence. In the 1960s and 1970s, Australia saw a considerable number of migrants from different parts in India settling here. But the...

Indian-origin boy in UK gets IQ score higher than Einstein, Hawking

Indian-origin Arnav Sharma in UK scored 162 in the Mensa IQ test -- the maximum possible result you can achieve on the paper.

All are gifts, but not all are gifted

Why we must accept that giftedness is a rare trait. MOHAN DHALL writes

My high school life

The zoo, the athletics carnival… and a bit of soldering. ANANYA WAKHARE writes.

Mala Aunty’s Hindi school completes glorious 30 years

Our Indian Link Radio host Raghu spoke with Mala Mehta of the Indo-Australian Bal Bharathi Vidyalaya Hindi School (IABBV) which just completed 30 years.