Women innovators for a better world

Spark Festival 2018’s Virangana Project events uncover some incredible world-class talent among India’s women innovators
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Restaurateur Anant Kaur Sandhu becomes Mrs Singh in Archibald portrait

At the Archibald Exhibit, as she sits, regally, in her beautiful blue green costume with gold motifs, her AM honour proudly pinned to her shawl, Anant Kaur Sandhu is a picture of grace and...

Australia Day Honours: Peeyush Gupta, AM

Peeyush Gupta awarded 2019 AM

Australia #StandsWithKerala

As Kerala is getting back on its feet Australia is joining in to help, and the vigil in Melbourne was one of those in many Australian cities to support and #StandWithKerala.

‘Linking’ Road

A tribute not to that well-known Mumbai thoroughfare, but to some right here in our own backyard, WRITES RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA.
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Anant Kaur Sandhu, AM: Paying it forward with food

For significant service to the restaurant and catering industry in South Australia, and to the community through support for charitable organisations. Writes PREETI JABBAL

Michael Daley: People want a government that will listen to them

NSW Labor leader MICHAEL DALEY in a wide ranging interview with PAWAN LUTHRA

Bharatiya Mandir vandalism: “We will rebuild”

Pandit Paras Ram Maharaj, priest of the Bharatiya Mandir at Regents Park, which was vandalised recently, talks to Indian Link
Sandip Hor at AITTCC event

Knowing India better: ...

Newer destinations beyond the traditional ‘Golden Triangle’ circuit, increase in number of direct flights, enhanced destination knowledge and more Australian travel operators selling India were the top things that were highlighted by...

Australia Day Honours: Dr Maharaj Kishore Tandon, OAM

Perth’s Dr MAHARAJ KISHORE TANDON is awarded OAM for service to the community through a range of roles