Talking about rape: Sohaila Abdulali

US-based Indian-origin writer Sohaila Abdulali talks about personal experience, her research and her professional experience at a rape crisis centre.

Mirrors and angles

Flashes of brilliance at Kaleidoscope, a community theatre group workshop

On Preethi Reddy’s murder: “It’s shocking”

Family friends say Preethi was a lovely girl and so, the horrific incident is absolutely unbelievable

SCG Day 1: India place one hand on history

Has India finally found the blueprint to overseas success?

Onto the next political chapter

Labor candidate Kaushaliya Vaghela is the first India-born MP to be elected to Victorian Parliament

Making sense of the census

From religion to language to multiculturalism, RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA AND HARSHAD PANDHARIPANDE look at what the Indian community can take away from Census 2016 By now, you probably know the Census 2016 finding that Indians...

Loki Madireddi’s recipe for happiness

“I never had the sense of self-worth or confidence to apply to MasterChef,” starts Loki (Lokesh) Madireddi, “I simply never thought myself good enough to get in, you know?” One wouldn’t believe that this Indian-origin...
Armogam Murgan.IndianLink

Armogam Murgan, OAM: Community as family

For service to the Indian community of Sydney, writes NANDITHA SURESH.

Opera House in Diwali mode

In the midst of a series of Diwali melas, this one is a refreshingly Diwali event.

New partnership between O.P.Jindal University and Wollongong University

Ties in education will foster people-to-people linkages