The meaning of Anzac Day according to young Indian Australians

Young Indian Australians share their thoughts

Exploring human body’s chakras through dance

Trio of male dancers, led by Melbourne-based artist Dr Sam Goraya, offers veritable treat. PREETI JABBAL writes.

Through the eyes of a dancer

An invite to the Victorian parliament is a highlight for visiting Kuchipudi performer Madhurima Narla. PREETI JABBAL reports

A picture of perfection

It’s an enchanting debut performance at Bharathi Sriram’s arragetram, writes USHA R. ARVIND

Dispelling myths through art

The play directed by B Jayashree portrays progressive destruction of the myths deeply embedded in the lives of people in an Indian village.
Durga Puja.Indian Link

On Durga Puja, a nostalgic throwback to an enduring melody

85-year-old Bengali musical tradition lives on in Australia

Making the arts matter

Priya Srinivasan is working to promote music and dance as tools for empowerment, writes APARNA ANANTHUNI

Kaalachakra celebrates not just art, but life

A mesmerising and profound journey through various stages of life is enacted through Bharatnatyam, reports USHA RAMANUJAM ARVIND

Awetistic optimistic

Patrick Francis is a special needs artist who hasn’t allowed the constraints of his disorder to keep him from achieving his dreams, writes SWATI BHARGAV


Giving a contemporary interdisciplinary treatment to ancient Kantha embroidery