Dr Madhu Vajpayee.Indian Link

Love, drama, mystery

A novel by Melb-based Dr Madhu Vajpayee has all the makings of a good story, writes PREETI JABBAL

Life in the time of permawar

How are we to live in this man-made war zone that our world has become? RAKA SARKHEL asks

An indictment of British colonialism

The book is a powerful commentary on the true nature of British occupation in Asia, writes MR NARAYAN SWAMY

Pagoda Tree: Eighteenth century intrigue

The life of a devadasi in British India is chronicled in this interesting historical novel, writes CHITRA SUDARSHAN

Women helping women

Two remarkable Indian authors talk about the women who championed their success, writes DIPANJALI RAO
A Sting of Peppercorns.Indian Link

A slice of Goa in the 60s

A novel looks at the tiny state’s history during a tumultuous time, writes MAYABHUSHAN NAGVENKAR

From those who’ve come across the seas

SALMA SHAH reviews Pavlova and Pappadums, a short story collection that explores the migrant experience in Australia

Aussie Richard Flanagan beats out Neel Mukherjee for 2014 Man Booker prize

Aussie Richard Flanagan triumphs with a novel about love and war

Selfie Queen of the literary type

Writer and academic Roanna Gonsalves is a leading Indian link at the Sydney Writers’ Festival 2017 by RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA

JLF Conversations: On women, gender, travel and poetry

JLF comes to Melbourne and brings its unique and frank discussions on context, culture and history, writes APARNA ANANTHUNI