The ghosts of a literary Indian hill-station that haunt the writers of the present

ARUP K CHATTERJEE of O.P. JINDAL GLOBAL UNIVERSITY explores the English literary traditions of The Doon in Uttarakhand

Not pretty, but always beautiful

ROANNA GONSALVES’ tribute to the ‘son of a gun’, now immortalised through his writing
Pawan Shashi.Indian Link

Thoroughly Tharoor

Dr Shashi Tharoor may be an Indian parliamentarian and a former minister, but he is also a globally renowned writer and orator. Known for his astute diplomacy at the UN for nearly three decades, for...

Tales of grit: The lives of female Nobel Peace laureates

In her latest book, international journalist and peace activist Supriya Vani chronicles the lives of the 16 Women Nobel Peace Laureates.

Pagoda Tree: Eighteenth century intrigue

The life of a devadasi in British India is chronicled in this interesting historical novel, writes CHITRA SUDARSHAN
Gun Island.Indian Link

Amitav Ghosh’s Gun Island review: Magic of the Bonduki story

Gun Island By Amitav Ghosh Journeys to distant lands, migration and ancient connections between civilisations are recurring themes in Amitav Ghosh's books. His latest offering, Gun Island, is a story of travel and migrations, overlaid with...

Taming demons

Passion Flower: Seven Stories of Derangement is a meeting with the darker side of human kind, writes SHILPA RAINA

On India in Love…and money

Romance is more important than money… but India can’t pay its bills with hugs. CHITRA SUDARSHAN writes.
Buried Seeds.Indian Link

Vikas Khanna: A ‘Buried Seed’ that bloomed

KISHORI SUD reviews a book that traces Vikas Khanna’s culinary arc - from Amritsar to a Michelin-star chef

Taking care of business

Exploring books that take a macro view of the economy to those that look at individual stories of business success