Finding new links in old stories

Translating Aboriginal stories into Tamil, Mathalai Somu discovers deep-rooted similarities as well as new pathways for preserving ancient cultures, writes ROYSTON REBELLO
Dr Madhu Vajpayee.Indian Link

Love, drama, mystery

A novel by Melb-based Dr Madhu Vajpayee has all the makings of a good story, writes PREETI JABBAL

Fifty shades of brown

RAKA SARKHEL on Indira Naidoo's Sydney Writers' Festival author's talk 'On Being Brown'
golden house.Indian Link

A Rushdie novel unlike a Rushdie novel

It has a simple, easy-to-handle plot, but is relevant in a world of alternative facts, writes SAKET SUMAN

Crafting silence out of words

Michelle Cahill’s Letter to Pessoa wins the NSW Premier’s Literary Award for New Writing. RAKA SARKHEL reports

Women and their lives, not men and their battles

India has a long tradition of strong female writers, writes APARNA ANANTHUNI

Murder in Pakistan’s nuclear establishment

Intrigue is rife in diplomat-turned-author Akbar Agha's second novel, writes VIKAS DATTA

Truths about tribes and trafficking

Two powerful books highlight very real problems, glossed over in the euphoria of India’s growth, writes CHITRA SUDARSHAN

Criminals as politicians

Milan Vaishnav’s new book analyses the nexus between crime and politics in India, writes CHITRA SUDARSHAN

Chronicling the world’s most famous journalist – and the Indian link

In Tintin, Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, who wrote under the pen name Hergé, drew from his own life experiences, writes VIKAS DATTA