Books on the Beach litfest for Kerala’s Kovalam Beach

Come November, Kerala’s Kovalam Beach will host the inaugural 'Books on the Beach' literary festival, under the guidance of Shashi Tharoor

How Benyamin touched the world

A Malayalam novelist, honoured in an Australian list of writers, pays a visit. EMIE ROY reports
Meera Rising.Indian Link

Mirabai modernised

Melbourne writer Nandita Chakraborty’s new book draws on myth as well as her own personal journey

Memories of turbulent times

Exploring the history of Malaysia through war novels is a study in human emotions, writes VIKAS DATTA

Don’t miss! Five books to look forward to in August 2017

In August, readers will have an opportunity to pick titles on the basis of merit and not on the credentials of their authors. Another month has gone by and a fresh set of books is...

Life in the time of permawar

How are we to live in this man-made war zone that our world has become? RAKA SARKHEL asks

War behind closed doors

New perspectives reveal the largely unknown history behind the Sino-Indian war, writes CHITRA SUDARSHAN

Supply, demand and revolution

Various authors give perspectives on unlocking the secrets to a successful global economy, CHITRA SUDARSHAN reports

Selfie Queen of the literary type

Writer and academic Roanna Gonsalves is a leading Indian link at the Sydney Writers’ Festival 2017 by RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA

Writing stories, righting history

Indigenous writers from India and Australia come together at a unique event, Literary Commons!