Inside a new photographic tribute to Melbourne’s Indian food culture. DHANYA SAMUEL reports

Dialogue with nature

A unique artistic concept combines environmental sustainability with kids’ creativity, writes EMIE ROY

Bapu visits Queensland

An art exhibition, Bapu: the Craftsperson’s Vision, shares Gandhi’s message through the fabric of Khadi. TASNEEM ZAVERY reports

Place of origins, space of invitation

At this year’s MPavilion, Mumbai architect Bijoy Jain demonstrates how local lore can inform ethical and sustainable architecture. APARNA ANANTHUNI reports

Diwali Card competition 2016

Indian Link received many wonderful entries for this year's Diwali Card competition

The legacy of Gandhi in Perth

Borderless Gandhi at the Confluence of India Festival in Australia. SAI NARAYAN reports

An artist in constant transition

In his first Sydney exhibition, continuity of discontinuity remains the only truth for artist Francesco Clemente, writes RAKA SARKHEL

Little kids, big impact!

Finalists in annual art competition Sydney Little Lives, these kids give us a look at how our youngest citizens view Sydney. KIRA SPUCYS-TAHAR reports

Stolen statues returned

The National Gallery of Australia returns Indian sculptures linked to illegal art smuggling ring. KIRA SPUCYS-TAHAR reports

What Gandhi wrote to Hitler

One of India’s leading contemporary artists, Jitish Kallat is currently exhibiting in Sydney. Writes RAKA SARKHEL