Best selfie of the year comp

Indian Link is on the lookout for the best selfie of 2013 - enter now!

Turning pollution into art

A new art project is beautifying city streets with ink made from air pollution

The legacy of Gandhi in Perth

Borderless Gandhi at the Confluence of India Festival in Australia. SAI NARAYAN reports

The photographer exposed

From fashion in London to the vivacity of India, an Australian photographer’s journey is documented on film. By LENA PEACOCK
Illustration, jasmine. IndianLink

Black and white

Young Sydney artist’s work is drawn from wanderlust and a love of nature Immediately arresting, artist Jasmine Solanki’s works of art are beautiful in their complexity. Black and white drawings inspired by mountains and travel, the...

Nurturing intercultural dialogue through art

Artists from India and Australia collaborate in a groundbreaking art exhibition, writes PURNIMA RUANGLERTBUTR

Soldier daddy

Sydney couple tastes success with first-ever home film production, writes TARINI PURI

The search for identity

Two moving exhibitions deal with the quest for identity in the modern world of perforated boundaries and blended relationships, writes USHA R. ARVIND


Inside a new photographic tribute to Melbourne’s Indian food culture. DHANYA SAMUEL reports

Road trip Indian style

In an exciting new exhibition, a range of garments fuse the traditional and the modern to make a statement, writes TRACEY LENNON