Sikhism: Teaching ecology

Air is the Guru, water the father, and the earth, the great mother. These words of Guru Nanak Dev Ji are a great truism in contemporary life - especially as we suffer from a nature-deficit...

Captivating colours of India

A chance discovery leads to creative insights captured on canvas by a talented artist, writes LP AYER

Justifying the male gaze and its violence

APARNA ANANTHUNI reviews Jacques Audiard’s award-winning Dheepan, which screened at the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival in Melbourne in May 2017

Innate strengths

Instinctive artist Pinky Bhatt's new show is a tribute to womanhood, writes RAKA SARKHEL

The legacy of Gandhi in Perth

Borderless Gandhi at the Confluence of India Festival in Australia. SAI NARAYAN reports

The search for identity

Two moving exhibitions deal with the quest for identity in the modern world of perforated boundaries and blended relationships, writes USHA R. ARVIND

Bill Murray photographer, live with Kashif on Indian Link Radio

The excitement began when Raheel released a simple photo he took of a young couple, which was photobombed by Hollywood celebrity Bill Murray

Paradise lost

When the title of an exhibition does little to capture the essence of the subject area, WRITES APARNA ANANTHUNI.

Part Aboriginal, part Kashmiri

Aboriginal art takes on new forms with some Kashmiri influence, writes MAMATA SALAKAPURAPU

DRAWN towards India

Academic and artist Peter Friedlander shares with RAJNI ANAND LUTHRA, vignettes from his time in India