Laxmi Tiwari Padaav.Indian Link

Australia’s likely first Hindi novel unveiled

WA resident Laxmi Tiwari's novel 'Padaav' has received positive reviews. PUNEET ANAND reports

A joyous, festive mandala

Ten-year-old Akhash Karthikeyan of Pennant Hills NSW has won this year’s Indian Link Diwali Art Contest in the 8-12 years category. Akhash Karthikeyan: winner of...

Swan Festival of Lights: Diwali by the river

Swan Festival of Lights makes it a celebration of multiculturalism.

Women’s business: The Aussie-Indian Women’s Expo 2017

Community women gather for an inspirational event that looks set to become an annual occurrence. GRAHAK CUNNINGHAM reports.

FAQs about cancer

PUNEET ANAND provides insight from discussions at the ISWA Medical Sypmosium

Citizen of the Year

Asha Bhat’s work in empowering Indigenous communities in WA continues to win her accolades. VINAYA RAI reports

Unlocking the secrets of happiness

According to Kailash Beyer, humour and humility, meditation and fitness could be the key to a stress-free life, writes GRAHAK CUNNINGHAM

Harmony Day: Celebrating unity in diversity

West Australia is blessed to have a whole week of Harmony Day celebrations in March. Many councils and community groups actively embrace the meaning of living in a multi-cultural society and the diversity it...

Fill this land with harmony

Harmony Day celebrations return to Belmont. GRAHAK CUNNINGHAM reports

Age is just a number

At 67, Arun Singh is making his mark in athletics, competing alongside other international seniors in the World Masters Athletics Championships. NISHA JOSEPH reports