Children are like flowers

HSWA’s Phulwari event was a show for the kids, of the kids and by the kids

United by Partition

An art exhibition at PICA commemorates the largest mass migration in history

The human cost of migration

Three studies by WA Professor Jaya Dantas explore key issues related to refugee as well as skilled migrants. UMA NAIR reports
Perth Swan.Indian Link

Mela season!

It’s been melas galore in Perth’s Indian community this past month.
ISWA Diwali.Indianlink

ISWA Diwali

Fireworks, entertainment, food and shopping make it a fun event

What’s On in Perth?

All the upcoming events happening in Perth’s Indian community

Welcoming Basant: How spring opens the mind

So Change Inc’s Basant (Spring) Festival is fast becoming a calendar event in the Indian community.

Amazing feet: Oz runner Dipali Cunningham’s towering feat

Some 45 wins in long-distance running over 35 years, and Dipali Cunningham isn’t done yet.

When the music takes you back

It was a confluence of times as two greats of contemporary Indian music performed in Perth. UMA NAIR writes.

Perth-based actor Jay Emmanuel’s captivating tribute to his Maa

Perth-based actor puts aside early trauma to find himself in art.