Sharing life stories

GEORGE THAKUR discovers amazing life stories The senior scene in Melbourne is enriched by some very special people. Each one of them has their own story, which I would like to share with you, special...

The plight of the lost dog

Play reveals the journey of migrants here and their tenuous sense of belonging By SUJITH KRISHNAN As Rashma Kalsie drove along the Great Ocean Road one day, she came across a dog that seemed separated...

How to lead a serene life

Renowned life science practitioners explain how to lead a better, more enriched life says SUJITH KRISHNAN A thought-provoking discourse on leading a life free from worry and stress was organiSed by Brahma Kumaris in late...

Father Clooney discourses on inter-religious dialogue

This renowned theologian claims understanding is the key, reports CHITRA SUDARSHAN Those familiar with Comparative Theology – or even remotely aware of the Indian theological scholarship, will know Father Francis X Clooney S.J.  He is...

Of mums and daughters

A Punjabi festival is celebrated with great festivity, reports PREETI JABBAL

Debuting duo – or seasoned artistes?

This performing duo put up a surprising show, reports CHITRA SUDARSHAN The Kalakruthi School of Indian classical music presented another Geetaarpanam on July 22 at the Alexander Theatre.  It was a scintillating debut Veena duet...

A solution to domestic violence

If men unite against domestic violence, those who practice it will be compelled to change their behaviour for the better By DR MANJULA O’CONNOR Modern neuro understanding of the way the brain works is...

MS Run for red exceeds target

Enthusiastic desis run in support of fundraising for MS, reports PREETI JABBAL

Brains, bhangra and beauty

Punjabi heritage and culture knowledge make these beauty pageant contestants stand out from the crowd, reports PREETI JABBAL

Enterprising women showcase their skills

Multitasking comes naturally to these beauty pageant contestants, says PREETI JABBAL